Why choose Tudor Valuations?

Over 60 years experience in the construction industry and 22 years providing Replacement Cost Valuations.

  • Values provided are based on several construction databases and our years of experience.
  • Tudor is frequently recommended by other professionals because of their independence and lack of conflicts of interest.
  • Our opinions are based on your building, not a generic combination of other buildings.
  • Tudor has completed valuations on over 10 billion dollars of commercial buildings from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

We carry 1 million dollars in Errors and Omissions insurance on our work.
Our valuations are done with care and are realistic for your building and location.

We offer a variety of services to suit your needs:


  • A site visit and complete work up of the specifications and size of your building subject to location and travel cost.
  • Tudor can provide speciality services to meet clients’ needs – example: separating tenants improvements from base building costs.
  • We can provide a depreciated value of the property which is termed the “Actual Cash Value”.
  • We provide a written report that includes a summary of the size and
    specifications of your building.


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