Healthy Eating Menu

What comprises a healthy eating menu is a question that we often ponder. Various Health and Nutrition organizations recommend eating a diet rich in fiber and antioxidants because it helps in weight loss. Eating low fat protein like lean meat and fish is essential for new cell formations and for health brain function. While eating a variety of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables are essential for the optimal health of the body.

Snacking is the most favorite pastime for many people; its fun and de-stressing activity, along with healthy or unhealthy foods consumed by us. However, with a carefully planned menu, junk food can be avoided. Divide your plate into three categories to develop a healthy eating menu plan. One half will consist of non-starchy fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes and greens. One quarter will consist of lean protein like fish, chicken and low fat dairy. And, the remaining quarter will constitute whole grains like brown rice, barley, whole-wheat pasta or starchy vegetables - corn, potatoes and peas.

Restrict your healthy eating menu plan by avoiding foods that are high in saturated or trans fats. Foods with hydrogenated oils like many processed foods should be eliminated. Trans fat contained foods include commercially prepared cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, breakfast cereals and energy bars. Avoid deep fried foods and processed meats like bologna, salami and pepperoni. According to the USDA, high fat protein like beef, lamb, pork, and organ meats like kidneys and hearts should be monitored. Read the food labels before you buy a food product, it will help you make an informed decision if you are buying healthy or unhealthy foods.

Macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian diets are tremendously healthy. However, such diets rely heavily on simple carbohydrates derived from bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Therefore, its equally important to find protein and calcium resources, soybeans and nuts provide the missing link

If aiming to lose weight avoid the simple carbohydrates obtained from sweetened drinks, potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice and try green tea, strawberries and yogurt instead. Our aim is to offer you meal samples to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle:

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Raisin bran, muesli, granola with soy-milk, fresh fruit or juice, whole wheat toast, bagel, rice cake with peanut butter, egg white omelet with ham and vegetables. Any of these food items are an essential breakfast meal.

For lunch, include any of the following food items - Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with veggie crisps, raw veggies with hummus and pita bread, vegetable sandwich on whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese, salad with lime and olive oil dressing and vegetable soup.

Snacks can readily adjust foods like celery, apples, and carrots with peanut butter; cheese; yogurt and nuts. Incorporate celery sticks with peanut butter, munch crisp apple wedges and low fat cheese or almond butter, frozen berries, grapes banana, plain yogurt and whole grain crackers are an excellent snacking choice.

According to a famous proverb Eat Dinner like a Pauper, youre dinner should be frugal. Thus, curried vegetable stir-fry with brown rice, baked or grilled fish with asparagus and brown rice, salad with grilled chicken, black beans and brown rice with spinach and grilled chicken with steamed vegetables are good options.

Organic, locally grown and seasonal fruits and vegetables should be given priority over canned or cold storage foods in your healthy eating menu.

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