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Tudor Valuations

Originally evolved in 1994 when a Sydney Nova Scotia insurance broker was seeking someone who could more accurately provide replacement cost valuations for their clients. The broker approached Tom Fiander to question his interest and Tom immediately jumped at the challenge. Tom realized the need for this service and partnered with Tracy Applin.


Thus began the steady growth from a few hundred thousand dollars per year of valuations in the Cape Breton area to today’s position of completing over two billion dollars per year of valuations. These valuations range from buildings in St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver British Columbia and all types of commercial buildings including airports, churches, apartments, condos, office buildings, warehouses and production facilities to name a few.

Tudor is able to provide cross Canada valuations by working with brokers and property managers who provide information to enable completion of accurate opinions of building cost values.



Valuator’s Code

  • Understand the building.
  • Focus while on site or at your computer.
  • Accuracy is essential based on information provided.
  • Commitment to Clients to provide them with solid information.
  • Attitude should be friendly but professional.
  • Honesty when you don’t understand.

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